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The Ultimate “How To” Twitter Guide


Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, once said, “You know, if you make a customer unhappy they won’t tell five friends, they’ll tell 5,000 friends.” Never has this been more true than now in the age of social media and Twitter.

Not only for promos anymore, Twitter is now becoming a place where customers are going. If you’re not using Twitter to find out what your customers are saying and helping them, you risk being left behind. Get this guide and learn the following:

  • Twitter basics
  • How to Use Twitter for Business
  • How to Use Twitter for Marketing
  • Using Twitter to Engage with Customers
  • …and much more!

Did You Know…

  • 43% of people follow a brand on Twitter for special offers/deals
  • 75% of users are more likely to purchase from a brand they follow
  • 67% of users are likely to recommend a brand they follow to others

What is Twitter?

Just a beginner to Twitter? These links should give you a great intro to getting started:

How to use Twitter Effectively

Now that you know what Twitter is and how it works, learn how to use it effectively:

How to Increase Your Twitter Followers

So, you know how to use Twitter, but no one is listening. Here are some tips to gain Twitter followers and how NOT to lose them:

Best Practices: Hashtags

Hashtags can be an effective way to target specific users on Twitter. Here’s some useful “how-to” tips:

Best Practices: ReTweet

Retweeting is a easy way to share content with your Twitter followers. Here’s some useful “how-to” tips:

Best Practices: Search

Find users or search for users based on your custom search criteria. Here’s some useful “how-to” tips.

How to Create Lists

Lists can be a useful way to attract users to your page so that they start following you. Here are some best practices:

How to use Twitter for Business

Now you’ve gotten your feet wet and learned how to use Twitter for your business. Here’s how experts acquired customers and grew their business using Twitter:

How to use Twitter for Marketing

You’ll want to start thinking about Twitter for marketing. Learn how to build your brand and market to businesses the right way:

Using Twitter to Engage With Customers

Twitter can transform customer service for the better. Check out these useful tips that can help reduce costs while improving your brand image:

Tools to Engage With Customers?

What are people saying about your brand? Here are some easy-to-use social media management tools to help you better engage your customers:


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